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Jennie's Kitchen Remodel: All Selections Have Been Made!

Posted: April 29, 2015 by Lucine Spheeris

It's been a while since my last post... and a lot has happened since then.  

Like the good citizens we are, we started with our building permit... :-)

and have since finished all our demolition and rough construction...passing rough inspection this past week!

My DAD was my hero through this process as he did ALL the electrical work for us (in addition to helping with the construction).  Not only was it FUN to spend the time with him, I learned so much about electrical  during this process.  And for that, I am truly grateful to him.  Sorry I wore you out these past few weeks DAD!  I love you!

In the background while all this was going on, ALL the selections had to be made as well.  I will have some follow-up blogs I want to write (when I find the time) about the different things I have learned during the selection process.  Specifically lighting and cabinets.  

However, if I NEVER have to make another decision ever again when this whole thing is done, it will be TOO soon!  :-)  

It is SO hard for me (being more of a left brained person) to look at individual pieces and envision how something will look when it is all pulled together.  So, we shall see how this all turns out when it's said and done!  In the meantime, here is the fun part.... the selections we have chosen!  


Cabinets:  We ended up going with the Kraftmaid line at Home Depot in a traditional squared off raised panel look.  We chose a lighter painted maple with glaze for the kitchen area and a darker color to flank the fireplace.  


Countertop:  The Winner?  Granite Countertops!  :-)

Flooring:  We have waffled on this a bit throughout the design process.  Initially, we were going to go with an engineered wood laminate product because it holds up so well to dogs' nails and rough housing... However, in the end, we decided to go with a luxury vinyl wide (7") plank product because we are never going to be the types to ask our friends to take their shoes off, and vinyl is so much more forgiving with water bowls, cleanup, etc... We will be doing this throughout the living room AND kitchen.  Then, we are putting a commercial grade carpeting on the three staircases in the house.  This should hold up well to the dogs and our busy lifestyle!  In the middle of the living room, we will put a throw rug for some warmth and softness.  We haven't decided on this rug yet, but something similar to the photo below most likely.


Ceiling:  We took down the cedar ceiling, BUT we loved the wood look, so we will be putting up a tongue and groove ceiling again.  We went with a pre-stained product from Duragroove.  We can't wait to see what it turns out like!

Lighting:  We had so many different ideas on this, and we changed our mind more than I can even count.  In the end, due to the specific restraints of the space we had to work with and the final look we wanted, we ended up deciding to do recessed lighting in the kitchen and dining area, with a couple of pendants over the small breakfast bar area.  Due to the sloped ceiling and the shallow nature of our roof joists, we were stuck having to do eyeball lights as the recessed light housings made for sloped ceilings would not work in our space.  So, we chose bronze trims to match the other decor we will have in the new space.  Over the breakfast bar, the pendants are a bit of a personality statement, and we are excited to see what they end up looking like!  There is a matching wall sconce that we may or may not purchase for the hallway entry as well.  We will see how the pendants look first.  And, of course, for the three upper cabinet areas, we will have under cabinet lighting as well.  Finally, for the living room area, a ceiling fan was a must!  With electric baseboard heat, this is imperative for movement of warm and cold air.  


Hardware:  Sticking with the bronze theme... we are thinking knobs on doors and pulls on drawers!  :-)

Sink and Faucet:  Never thought this would be such a design piece... but it ended up being important to me... which side of the sink would we use more?  Where should we put the disposal?  What color and material did we want?  We ended up choosing one that matched our countertops, and I LOVE that it has a low divide in the center, essentially enabling it to be used as either one sink OR two.  


There you go!  Now you have all the snippets of pieces that will all be put together in the next month or so to make our new kitchen and living room!  We can't wait to show you all the final results!

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