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The Flintstone House is on the Market!

By: Jennie Castillo
Posted by Lucine Spheeris on September 21, 2015 in  #homerocks  Curb Appeal  Fun
OK... when I was growing up, I watched a LOT of The Flintstones on TV.  Back then, I had no idea that someday I would enter the field of real estate, so I never really paid attention to what their house looked like, or even thought about the idea that someday they may want to SELL it!  :-)     This house in Hillsborough, CA  is located in the San Francisco Bay area.  It just hit the market priced at $4.2 million.  So let's have some fun and pretend that Fred and Wilma Flints... read more
As much as we don't like to admit it, many of the communities we live in and homes within them are architecturally very similar and are frequently described as "cookie cutter communities". Oftentimes, the homes that remain on the market the longest in these circumstances are the ones that do not stand out from the other homes. In order to attract attention of Buyers and to stand out among the competition, some of the following cosmetic improvements could make a huge difference:  Upgrade landscaping and fr... read more
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